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Ancient Egyptian shabti for Iuferbaku
Dating to the 18th Dynasty, 1550-1295 B.C.
Carved in wood, with finely modelled facial features.
A single frontal column of hieroglyphs, beautifully inlaid with Egyptian blue, reads:
The Osiris, Keeper of the Chamber of Amun, Iuferbaku.
Height: 24 cm (37 cm as mounted).
The tomb of Iuferbaku was probably located in Luxor and was emptied some time before the 1830s. Only 2 other objects bearing his name, and originating from his tomb, are knownThese two objects are recorded as originating from the collection of Charles Joseph Bogaert, Bruges (1791-1875) in Catalogue d’une collection d’antiquités égyptiennes, à vendre chez Chs. Bogaert à Bruges (8th and 9th items). They subsequently passed to the Liverpool Museum (M13923 and M13502 respectively) and were both destroyed in World War 2, preserved only in line drawings. The present shabti is apparently the only example known for this owner.
Condition: Unrestored, mounted as shown.

Provenance : Passed by inheritance to Ms. J. Pearson, Bristol UK. This shabti was given to Ms. Pearson’s aunt many years ago by a friend of hers who had acquired it in the 1930s, during travels in Egypt.

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