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Tetradrachm from Mende
Macedon ca. 460 – 423 BC
Diameter: 28mm. Weight: 17.57 g

The obverse with a drunk Dionysus, reclining on a donkey, steadying himself against the creature with one hand and holding a kantharos with the other, the base resting on his knee. A kerykeion and NI in the exergue

The reverse with a vine, laden with four bunches of ripe grapes, surrounded by a raised and incuse square. The inscription reading:   MENΔAION , “Of Mende”

Reputedly from the Kalliandra hoard of 1913. From the collection of Monsieur Claudius Côte
(1881 – 1956).  Feuardant Frères, 4th December 1936, lot 30

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