Ancient Egypt. Masterpieces from Collectors and Collections


In 2012, the Brussels Ancient Art Fair was celebrating its 10th anniversary and the organizing team wanted to mark the occasion with a special event.
A major exhibition of ancient Egyptian art called Ancient Egypt. Masterpieces from Collectors and Collections will present 125 exquisite artefacts dating from the Predynastic Period to the Roman Period lent by the Museum August Kestner (Hannover), the Antikenmuseum Basel und Sammlung Ludwig (Basel) and private collections worldwide. The catalogue explains the genesis and development of public collections of Egyptian antiquities in Belgium, Basel and Hannover.

The selection is made on the basis of the following criteria: highly unusual or charming objects of extremely fine quality, mainly in the field of the so-called ‘minor arts’. Visitors will not find large reliefs, statues or coffins in this exhibition, but rather precious items, displaying the finest craftsmanship, such as a Naqada I (4000-3500 BC) flint hippopotamus, a 17th-dynasty (c.1635-1550 BC) flask in blue anhydrite depicting a duck -probably the best of its kind in the world- and a tiny but magnificent head of Harpocrates in obsidian from the Roman Period.
Some of the pieces are unique, including an almost surrealistic faience stamp or amulet in the shape of a human foot topped by a falcon head from the Ptolemaic Period or a superb faience statue of pharaoh Rudamun, son of Osorkon III, from the 23rd dynasty.
Several objects are exhibited for the first time.


    • A superb printed catalogue, written by 13 renowned Egyptologists (limited edition of 1.000 copies) is for sale at the price of 49€ from June 6th on at the exhibition and through http://baaf.be/special-art-exhibition-catalogue-ancient-egypt/
    • Authors: Dr. Claire Derriks, Dr. Kirsten Konrad, Anne Lebrun-Nélis, Jacques Billen, Simon Connor, Dr. Christian E. Loeben, Dr. David Lorand, Peter Pamminger, Dr.  Robert R. Bigler, Dr. Hermann Alexander Schlögl, Georges Verly, Dr. Eugène Warmenbol, Dr. André Wiese.
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  • Jacques Billen, Egyptologist, Art dealer and expert


      • 13 Egyptologists
      • Kestner-Museum Hannover
      • Antikenmuseum Basel und Sammlung Ludwig
      • Private collectors

The exhibition is held at the Hôtel de Mérode, a princely palace dating back to the 17th century located just opposite the Palais de Justice, a few hundred meters from the Sablon Square.

Ancient Egypt. Masterpieces from Collectors and Collections has the privilege of being welcomed by the Cercle de Lorraine, a select club housed in this historical building, whose members rank among the elite of Belgian finance and business.


Jacques Billen
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Info on this link: http://baaf.be/special-art-exhibition-catalogue-ancient-egypt/